Monday, 4 February 2019

diet or comparable remedies

Faced with all the indiscriminate use and self-indication of their protein diet or comparable remedies, lacking any safety and proof of the efficacy, we suggest medical management, using a corresponding personalized evaluation of the requirements and goals of the discipline, in addition to their health condition.

It's required to reevaluate prejudices, dogmatisms and subjective tests, and according to positions or recommendations with adequate scientific evidence, properly describing the efficacy and security of the protein dietplan, assuming they are clinically prescribed and signaled by means of a physician using a multidisciplinary team that's accompanied of a suitable meals reeducation, so as to maximize its efficacy and reduce its negative consequences, according to the PronoKal Method.

public health issues globally

Obesity is now one of the key public health issues globally, because of the high incidence and a propensity to boost it. Every calendar year, 2.8 million individuals die as a consequence of becoming overweight or fat.

In Spain, based on statistics in the ENRICA study, 62 percent of the populace is obese; especially, 39 percent are obese (body mass index or BMI> 25-29.9 lb / m2) and 23% fat. The prevalence of obesity increases with age and is greater in men compared to women (except at people 65 and older). Additionally, said research suggests that over a third of men with obesity declare to have obtained health information to eliminate weight and never have followed